You live in my cavities
Empty spaces of my body
Your voice, your memory
Planted deep, a pit inside me

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Someone Else (Acoustic), The Front Bottoms

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"you are my peach, you are my plum"

Mountain MilkEva Irene

i miss connor dearly. he left yesterday for ireland. he’ll be there for three months before he comes back on break. i don’t know what i’m going to do without my comfort. already counting down the days until i can hug him again.

hey, you are great and cute and stuff, remember that. I don't know how to help but I think you should know that you are great and that your mom is totally wrong.


thank u!! even just reading that someone out there is rooting for me is helpful. i don’t understand my mom but whether i get kicked out or move out on my own at least i’ll be out soon.