Thinking about everything that’s wrong with u and yr friendships and yr life until yr head hurts and yr eyes hurt and u feel sick to yr stomach is an excellent before bed ritual

watching you take off your pants
you make me feel bad about myself
im wasting my time

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hate myself for being jealous and so easily flustered and getting confused and sad and apologetic and being annoying and for being so easily hurt just by my friends bailing on me, like that happens all the time why am still surprised/upset by this?


Tigers Jaw by Kesler Bear on Flickr.

talking like this makes me want to punch myself in the face repeatedly because i know that you’re upset/confused because of the way i feel but it’s like i hate myself u can’t make me feel better lol just please stop apologizing it’s making me feel guiltier/please never stop apologizing i need to know you care


Lovers at the Movies, 1940.
Photo: Arthur Fellig

Drug Lord, William Bonney

I hate everyone that I know
Then I wonder “where did my friends go?”

Fucking poor me, always suffering

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